What if ...

... there is an alert and nobody cares about it?

Data leakage to a previously unused cloud app

Without using infoWA.RDE.N

  • Cloud App Security detects the incident
  • An alert is generated, but no further actions are started
Data leakage continues

Using infoWA.RDE.N

  • infoWA.RDE.N detects the incident
  • An automatic runbook starts to collect information and to verify if the cloud app is permitted
  • Since the cloud app is not permitted, the user’s client is isolated and/or the user account locked
  • A customer notification requires a response (taking note of incident, unlocking the user, checking the cloud app)
  • The infoWA.RDE.N configuration is automatically adjusted according to customer feedback (here: blacklisting of app or app + specific user)
Further data leakage is prevented